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Dear friends and colleagues,

The Addictions, Hepatitis & AIDS Congress (ATHS) will be held from October 19-22, 2021 at the Bellevue Conference Center in Biarritz.

We are all aware of the pandemic, the situation worldwide and in France in particular. With our knowledge as matters stand, we could expect, if the epidemic is not completely under control by these dates, that sanitary measures (testing, vaccination, etc.) might nevertheless enable us to meet face-to-face in Biarritz in October.

However, we have learned to be modest when looking ahead. If the situation were again to take a turn for the worst, preventing us from holding the congress under normal circumstances, we would need to consider other solutions: from a hybrid of « face-to-face” / virtual to a remote congress conducted entirely online.

It is our reasonable hope that we will be able to meet in Biarritz in October so that we can learn, exchange views and debate the issues in these fields so important to each and every one of us.

For this edition, the scientific program will be organized over 3½ days focusing on major themes such as substance use disorders / addictions, harm reduction, drug policies and infectious diseases (hepatitis, HIV, …) in plenary sessions, workshops, visual presentations and debates of societal issues.

You can already take part in constructing the scientific program by answering our call for submissions ahead of June 30, 2021. Outlines or synopses selected by the scientific committee may be presented orally or visually. The submission rules may be consulted here.

Looking forward to the pleasure of seeing you again in Biarritz in October,

The ATHS Congress Organization Committee