Marie Jauffret-Roustide

Marie Jauffret-Roustide is a Research Fellow, Sociologist at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) in France, Paris. She is the leader of an international comparative research on the history of harm reduction between France and North America. She proposes to analyze three representative contemporary drug policy issues affecting and partially North America and Europe (France): the history of opioid substitutive treatments, the opioid overdose crisis, and the controversy on drug consumption rooms. Marie Jauffret-Roustide’s research focuses on drug policy and harm reduction paradigm, ethnicity and gender issues, laws, and regulations, structural inequalities in health and social policies, and patient groups’ and users’ involvement in drug policy changes, including analyses of the biomedicalization process of addiction. She has been designated by Inserm to evaluate the implementation of drug consumption rooms in Paris. She coordinates the D3S research program (« Social Sciences, Drugs and Society ») for the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. The aim of the D3S research program is to increase the visibility of social science research on drug policy at the national and international levels and to facilitate dialogue between researchers and civil society. She has been Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, New York City to co-teach a course entitled “Harm Reduction in Transatlantic Historical Perspective” in 2018-2019 and forthcoming 2019-2020. Marie Jauffret-Roustide is an Awardee of the 2019 French Scholar Lecture Series, Peter Wall Institute, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. She was the president of the 13rd Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP) that has been held in Paris, in May, 2019. She has published 150 peer-reviewed articles in international and national journals.